An Update From the Fern Valley HOA Board

Facebook Page
We have created a neighborhood Facebook page. Please find us on Facebook by searching for Fern Valley Home Owners Association and “like” us so that you begin to get updates.

We promise not to flood your feed with stuff, but we will use it as a quick and effective method of staying in touch with our neighbors. You may post on the page, but please be aware that all posts will be screened by the board prior to posting. Our hope is that emails will become less necessary as we embrace social media. So, if you want to be in the loop, please “like” our page ASAP.

Social Events
Our welcoming committee and social events team are working hard as well.

We are dedicated to improving the appearance of our neighborhood and are working with our landscaper to keep the front entrance and pool area better manicured.

Dog Owners
You should be aware of section 8-10006(d) of the ordinances of the town of Fuquay Varina:

The owner or possessor of any animal shall immediately and properly dispose of waste deposited by the animal on Town property or public rights-of-way or on the private property of others. In addition, the owner shall not permit it to damage or deface any property (Ord. PZ-08-07, passed 12/01/08).

The Fuquay Varina Police Department enforces this ordinance. Please clean up after your pets and avoid a $50 fine.

Should you have any questions, please go to the Fern Valley HOA website or email one of the board members. We check our mailboxes regularly and are very dedicated to being timely with addressing your concerns.

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