How to be a Good Neighbor

Whether you are new to the neighborhood or just moved in on your block, introduce yourself. Say “HELLO”, offer a pie or loaf of bread or it can be as simple as holding out your hand in greeting. Ask if they have any questions, i.e. garbage day, recycle day, hours for the pool. Just remember the day you moved into this new neighborhood.

Keep your dog on a leash, and if they have a habit of “breaking out” make sure the fencing is adequate for their protections and your neighbors. Always carry a bag for “pick up”. There is nothing worse than finding a “present” on your property. If you neighbor’s dog is bothersome, please make sure you speak with them about the issues, and if need be, take the issues further. What might annoy you would not necessarily be bothersome to the pet owner.

Our neighborhood has a neighborhood watch program. Keep your eye on suspicious happenings on your property and the neighboring properties. When in doubt call the police (919-552-3191).

Put your trash out for collection Monday night for pick up on Tuesday. If you wait until Tuesday morning, they might have already been by your house. Bring your trash can in as soon as you can – they are not to be left out at the curb overnight after collection. Your trash containers should never be in front of the house – they are to be stored from public view as much as possible. Yard debris can be picked up “by appointment” – call 919-552-1408. Follow directions on recording. Bulk pick up can be arranged by calling 919-753-1027 by Friday of any given week and the items will be picked up early Monday AM (put out Sunday night). We are in the GOLD Section for leaf pickup and trash collection. Recycle is every other Wednesday (GOLD) section.

Remember the golden rule when you are planning something that would affect them, you might want to advise them in advance. Keep the communication channels open so that each of you is comfortable with the other.

Be proud of your home – the way it looks speaks volumes of your pride in your property and community. Make sure your police your property of trash and debris, etc. Familiarize yourself with the covenants of the sub-division for guidance in projects you might be planning or for general information about property appearance and regulations.

Try to participate in your neighborhood offerings – the success of the neighborhood is owed by all. Use the Fern Valley Homeowners’ Association website ( for current news. Know who is on your board

Enjoy your home in this wonderful neighborhood!!!!

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